Trebellius Pollio IV н. э.

Латинско-русский словарь. 2003.

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  • treb — treb·bia·no; treb·u·chet; …   English syllables

  • treb- — *treb germ.?, Verb: nhd. auffasern; ne. fray (Verb); Hinweis: s. *traba; Etymologie: s. ing. *drep , *drop , Verb, Substantiv, reißen, Fetzen ( …   Germanisches Wörterbuch

  • treb- — Dwelling. 1. Zero grade form *tr̥b . a. thorp, from Old English thorp, village, hamlet; b. dorp, from Middle Dutch dorp, village. Both a and b from Germanic *thurp …   Universalium

  • TREB — Trebii …   Abbreviations in Latin Inscriptions

  • treb|u|chet — «TREHB yu sheht», noun. a machine of war used in the Middle Ages for hurling stones or other objects, somewhat like a catapult. ╂[< Old French trebuchet < trebuchier to stumble, fall < tres over (< Latin trāns) + buc trunk of the body …   Useful english dictionary

  • trē̆ b-, trōb-, treb- or trǝb-, tr̥b- —     trē̆ b , trōb , treb or trǝb , tr̥b     English meaning: building, dwelling     Deutsche Übersetzung: “Balkenbau, Gebäude, Wohnung”     Material: Lat. trabs and trabēs, is f. “balk, beam”, taberna “Bude, Wohnraum” (dissim. from *traberna);… …   Proto-Indo-European etymological dictionary

  • (s)trep-, (s)treb- —     (s)trep , (s)treb     English meaning: to cry wildly, make noise, onomatopoeic words     Deutsche Übersetzung: “wild lärmen, schreien under likewise”; Schallwurzel     Material: Lat. strepō, ere “make a noise, cry, rausche”; perhaps the Ital …   Proto-Indo-European etymological dictionary

  • trep-3, treb- —     trep 3, treb     See also: see above S. 1037 under (s)trep …   Proto-Indo-European etymological dictionary

  • trebuchet — /treb yoo shet , treb yoo shet /, n. a medieval engine of war with a sling for hurling missiles. Also, trebucket /tree buk it, treb yoo ket /. [1300 50; ME < MF, equiv. to trebuch(er) to overturn, fall (tre(s) across, over ( < L trans TRANS ) +… …   Universalium

  • treble — treb|le1 [ trebl ] noun count or uncount the highest sounds in music a. uncount the part of something such as a radio or STEREO that controls the higher sounds: My stereo has separate controls for the treble and the bass. ╾ tre|ble adjective: a… …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • treble — [ˈtreb(ə)l] verb [I/T] I to become three times bigger, or to make something three times bigger II determiner treble [ˈtreb(ə)l] something that is treble the number or amount of another thing is three times greater than it III noun [C/U] treble… …   Dictionary for writing and speaking English

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