Jus commūne

Общее право.

Латинско-русский и русско-латинский словарь крылатых слов и выражений. — М.: Русский Язык. . 1982.

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  • Jus commune — or ius commune is Latin for common law . It is often used by civil law jurists to refer to those aspects of the civil law system s invariate legal principles, sometimes called the law of the land in English law. ( Ius commune is distinct from the …   Wikipedia

  • jus commune — Common law. Short Dictionary of (mostly American) Legal Terms and Abbreviations …   Law dictionary

  • jus commune — /jas kamyuwniy/ In the Civil law, common right; the common and natural rule of right, as opposed to jus singular (q.v.). In English law, the common law, answering to the Saxon folcright …   Black's law dictionary

  • jus commune — kəˈmyü(ˌ)nē noun Etymology: Latin 1. : the common law of England 2. : the common or public law or right as opposed to the jus singulare established for special cases …   Useful english dictionary

  • jus commune — The common or public law. The common law of England, of the United States, and other countries who have derived it from England …   Ballentine's law dictionary

  • jus commune, et quasi gentium — The common law, and as it were the law of nations …   Ballentine's law dictionary

  • contra jus commune — /kontra jas kamyuwniy/ Against common right or law; contrary to the rule of the common law …   Black's law dictionary

  • dispensatio est vulnus, quod vulnerat jus commune — /dispenseysh(iy)ow est valnas kwod valnaraet jas kamyuwniy/ A dispensation is a wound, which wounds common law …   Black's law dictionary

  • leges Angliae sunt tripartite,-jus commune, consuetudines, ac decreta comitiorum — /liyjiyz aerjgliyiy sant traypartatiy, jas kamyuwniy, konswat(y)uwdaniyz, aek dakriyta kamishiyoram/ The laws of England are threefold, common law, customs, and decrees of parliament …   Black's law dictionary

  • quae dubitationis tollendae causa contractibus inseruntur, jus commune non laedunt — /kwiy d(y)uwbateyshiyownas tolendiy koza kantraektabas insarantar, jas kamyuwniy non liydant/ Particular clauses inserted in agreements to avoid doubts and ambiguity do not prejudice the general law …   Black's law dictionary

  • contra jus commune — Against common right …   Ballentine's law dictionary


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