astrophysical object

астрофизический объект

Англо-русский словарь технических терминов. 2005.

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  • Astrophysical maser — An astrophysical maser is a naturally occurring source of stimulated spectral line emission, typically in the microwave portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. This emission may arise in molecular clouds, comets, planetary atmospheres, stellar… …   Wikipedia

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  • Detached object — Trans Neptunian objects beyond 100AU: SDO (in grey) and detached objects (in white) Detached objects are a dynamical class of bodies in the outer Solar System beyond the orbit of Neptune. These objects have orbits whose points of closest approach …   Wikipedia

  • Herbig-Haro object — Herbig Haro objects are small patches of nebulosity associated with newly born stars, and are formed when gas ejected by young stars collides with clouds of gas and dust nearby at speeds of several hundred kilometres per second. Herbig Haro… …   Wikipedia

  • Young stellar object — (YSO) denotes a star in its early stage of evolution. This class consists of two groups of objects: protostars and pre main sequence stars. Sometimes they are divided by mass massive YSO (MYSO), intermediate mass YSO and brown dwarfs.YSO are… …   Wikipedia

  • Deep-sky object — Several nebula in the constellation Orion commonly called deep sky objects Deep sky objects are astronomical objects other than individual stars and solar system objects (such as Sun, Moon, planets, comets, etc.) …   Wikipedia

  • Trans-Neptunian object — A trans Neptunian object (TNO) is any object in the solar system that orbits the sun at a greater distance on average than Neptune. The Kuiper belt, scattered disk, and Oort cloud are three divisions of this volume of space.The orbit of each of… …   Wikipedia

  • Classical Kuiper belt object — The orbits of various cubewanos compared to the orbit of Neptune (blue) and Pluto (pink) …   Wikipedia

  • Massive compact halo object — MACHO redirects here. For other uses, see Macho (disambiguation). Massive astrophysical compact halo object, or MACHO, is a general name for any kind of astronomical body that might explain the apparent presence of dark matter in galaxy halos. A… …   Wikipedia

  • Mayall's Object — A Hubble space telescope image of Mayall s Object Observation data Constella …   Wikipedia

  • Messier object — The Messier objects are a set of astronomical objects first listed by French astronomer Charles Messier in 1771.[1] The original motivation of the catalogue was that Messier was a comet hunter, and was frustrated by objects which resembled but… …   Wikipedia


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