aperture gate

кадровое окно (фильмового канала)

Англо-русский словарь технических терминов. 2005.

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  • gate valve — noun : a valve in a pipeline consisting essentially of a flat or wedge shaped gate that can be lowered into a seat to seal off the line or raised into an external recess so that the full area of the line is open compare globe valve * * * gate… …   Useful english dictionary

  • gate valve — noun a valve with a sliding part that controls the extent of the aperture …   English new terms dictionary

  • aperture — n opening, hole, eye, eyelet, eyehole, peephole, pinhole, puncture, perforation, interstice, pore, bore, airhole, spiracle; slit, crack, gash, vent, slot, rent, foramen; chink, cleft, cranny, rift, crevice, fissure, Archaic. scissure; gap, break …   A Note on the Style of the synonym finder

  • Gate — F/A/V The aperture assembly at which the film is exposed in a camera, printer, or projector. A&V • A signal used to trigger the passage of other signals through a circuit. • A digital logic device whose output state depends on the states of the… …   Audio and video glossary

  • gate —   the aperture assembly of a camera, printer, or projector at which the film is exposed …   Glossary of cinematic terms

  • Film gate — The film gate is the rectangular opening in the front of a motion picture camera where the film is exposed to light. The film gate can be seen by removing the lens and rotating the shutter out of the way. The film is held on a uniform plane at a… …   Wikipedia

  • Wicket gate — Wicket Wick et, n. [OE. wiket, OF. wiket, guichet, F. quichet; probably of Scand. origin; cf. Icel. v?k a small creek, inlet, bay, vik a corner.] [1913 Webster] 1. A small gate or door, especially one forming part of, or placed near, a larger… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • film gate — noun : a portion of a motion picture mechanism which positions the film while it remains stationary or passes before the aperture * * * (in motion picture cameras and projectors) a mechanism that holds the film flat in the focal plane of the lens …   Useful english dictionary

  • Academy ratio — The Academy ratio of 1.37:1 is the standard aspect ratio of a frame of 35mm film when used with 4 perf pulldown, and was standardized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as the standard film aspect ratio in 1932, although it was… …   Wikipedia

  • Assistant director — An assistant director (AD) is a person who helps the director in the making of a movie or television show. The duties of an AD include setting the shooting schedule, tracking daily progress against the filming production schedule, arranging… …   Wikipedia

  • Open matte — For other uses, see Matte (disambiguation). A frame from a 35mm film print. Here, the picture is framed for the intended theatrical aspect ratio (inside the yellow box). Picture outside the yellow box is matted out when the film is shown in… …   Wikipedia

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