fading distribution

распределение замираний

Англо-русский словарь технических терминов. 2005.

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  • Fading distribution — In telecommunications, a fading distribution is the probability distribution of the value of signal fading relative to a specified reference level.In the case of phase interference fading, the time distribution of the instantaneous field strength …   Wikipedia

  • Fading — This article is about signal loss in telecommunications. For the poetry book, see Fading (book). For other uses, see Fade (disambiguation). Frequency selective time varying fading causes a cloudy pattern to appear on a spectrogram. Time is shown… …   Wikipedia

  • Nakagami fading — Unfortunately, mobile radio links are subject to severe multipath fading due to the combination of randomly delayed, reflected, scattered, and diffracted signal components. Fading leads to serious degradation in the link carrier to noise ratio… …   Wikipedia

  • Weibull fading — The Weibull fading can be used as a simple statistical model of fading (named after Waloddi Weibull). In wireless communications, the Weibull fading distribution seems to exhibit good fit to experimental fading channel measurements for both… …   Wikipedia

  • Rayleigh fading — is a statistical model for the effect of a propagation environment on a radio signal, such as that used by wireless devices.Rayleigh fading models assume that the magnitude of a signal that has passed through such a transmission medium (also… …   Wikipedia

  • Weibull distribution — Probability distribution name =Weibull (2 Parameter) type =density pdf cdf parameters =lambda>0, scale (real) k>0, shape (real) support =x in [0; +infty), pdf =f(x)=egin{cases}frac{k}{lambda}left(frac{x}{lambda} ight)^{k 1}e^{ (x/lambda)^{k… …   Wikipedia

  • Rician fading — is a stochastic model for radio propagation anomaly caused by partial cancellation of a radio signal by itself mdash; the signal arrives at the receiver by two different paths, and at least one of the paths is changing (lengthening or shortening) …   Wikipedia

  • Log-normal distribution — Probability distribution name =Log normal type =density pdf μ=0 cdf μ=0 parameters =sigma > 0 infty < mu < infty support = [0,+infty)! pdf =frac{1}{xsigmasqrt{2piexpleft [ frac{left(ln(x) mu ight)^2}{2sigma^2} ight] cdf =frac{1}{2}+frac{1}{2}… …   Wikipedia

  • Rayleigh distribution — Probability distribution name =Rayleigh type =density pdf cdf parameters =sigma>0, support =xin [0;infty) pdf =frac{x expleft(frac{ x^2}{2sigma^2} ight)}{sigma^2} cdf =1 expleft(frac{ x^2}{2sigma^2} ight) mean =sigma sqrt{frac{pi}{2 median… …   Wikipedia

  • Nakagami distribution — Nakagami Probability density function Cumulative distribution function parameters: μ > = 0.5 shape (real) …   Wikipedia

  • Local Multipoint Distribution Service — LMDS is a broadband wireless access technology governed by the IEEE and is outlined by the 802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee through the efforts of the IEEE 802.16.1 Task Group.LMDS commonly operates on microwave frequencies across the 26GHz and… …   Wikipedia


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