mean trick

грязная, низкая, мерзкая, подлая шутка

Большой англо-русский и русско-английский словарь. 2001.

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  • trick — trick1 S3 [trık] n ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 1¦(something that deceives somebody)¦ 2¦(joke)¦ 3¦(something that makes things appear different)¦ 4 a dirty/rotten/mean trick 5 do the trick 6¦(magic)¦ 7¦(clever method)¦ 8 use/try every trick in the book …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • mean — {{Roman}}I.{{/Roman}} verb Mean is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑expression, ↑move, ↑name, ↑sign, ↑symbol, ↑term, ↑word Mean is used with these nouns as the object: ↑death, ↑difference, ↑disaster …   Collocations dictionary

  • trick — 1 noun (C) 1 DECEIVING SB something you do in order to deceive someone: He pretended to be ill, but it was just a trick . | a clever trick to cheat the authorities 2 dirty/rotten/mean trick an unkind or unfair thing to do: He didn t turn up? What …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • trick — n. & v. n. 1 an action or scheme undertaken to fool, outwit, or deceive. 2 an optical or other illusion (a trick of the light). 3 a special technique; a knack or special way of doing something. 4 a a feat of skill or dexterity. b an unusual… …   Useful english dictionary

  • mean — mean1 W1S1 [mi:n] v [T] past tense and past participle meant [ment] ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 1¦(have a particular meaning)¦ 2¦(intend to say something)¦ 3¦(intend to do something)¦ 4¦(result in something)¦ 5¦(be familiar)¦ 6¦(say something seriously)¦ 7¦(how… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • trick — 1. noun 1) he s capable of any mean trick their clever little trick cost us $500 Syn: stratagem, ploy, ruse, scheme, device, maneuver, contrivance, machination, artifice, wile, dodge; deceit, deception, trickery …   Thesaurus of popular words

  • mean — I verb 1) flashing lights mean the road is blocked Syn: signify, convey, denote, designate, indicate, connote, show, express, spell out; stand for, represent, symbolize; imply, suggest, intimate, hint at, insinuate …   Thesaurus of popular words

  • mean — I verb 1) flashing lights mean the road is blocked Syn: signify, denote, indicate, show, express, spell out, stand for, represent, symbolize, imply, suggest, intimate 2) she didn t mean to break it Syn …   Synonyms and antonyms dictionary

  • trick — 1. noun 1) a mean trick Syn: stratagem, ploy, ruse, scheme, device, manoeuvre, dodge, subterfuge, swindle, fraud; informal con, set up, scam, sting 2) he s playing a trick on us …   Synonyms and antonyms dictionary

  • trick — [trik] n. [ME trik < NormFr trique < trikier < OFr trichier, to trick, cheat, prob. < VL * triccare, altered < ? LL tricare, to deceive, for L tricari, to make trouble < tricae, vexations, tricks < IE * treik < base * ter …   English World dictionary

  • trick — n 1 Trick, ruse, stratagem, maneuver, gambit, ploy, artifice, wile, feint are comparable when they mean an act or an expedient whereby one seeks to gain one s ends by indirection and ingenuity and often by cunning. Trick implies cheating or… …   New Dictionary of Synonyms


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