beguile into

ввести в заблуждение относительно (чего-л.) Their leaders beguiled the men into a false sense of their own power. ≈Предводители ввели своих людей в заблуждение относительно их реальной силы. Syn : beguile out of, cheat into, chisel out, con into, con out of, cozen, deceive, defraud
2) , delude, diddle
1) , do out of, gull II
2. , shaft
3) , swindle
2. , trap into, trick into, trick out of

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  • beguile — v. (formal) 1) (D; tr.) to beguile into (he beguiled me into lending him money) 2) (D; tr.) to beguile out of 3) (D; tr.) to beguile with (to beguile children with stories) * * * [bɪ gaɪl] (D; tr.) to beguile out of (formal) (D:tr.) to… …   Combinatory dictionary

  • beguile — [[t]bɪga͟ɪl[/t]] beguiles, beguiling, beguiled 1) VERB If something beguiles you, you are charmed and attracted by it. [V n] His paintings beguiled the Prince of Wales... [V n] I was beguiled by the romance and exotic atmosphere of the souks in… …   English dictionary

  • beguile — be|guile [bıˈgaıl] v [T] 1.) to interest and attract someone ▪ She was beguiled by his smooth talk. 2.) to persuade or trick someone into doing something beguile sb into doing sth ▪ He was beguiled into buying another copy of her book. 3.)… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • beguile — UK [bɪˈɡaɪl] / US verb [transitive] Word forms beguile : present tense I/you/we/they beguile he/she/it beguiles present participle beguiling past tense beguiled past participle beguiled formal to persuade or trick someone into doing something,… …   English dictionary

  • beguile — 1 charm; amuse. 2 divert attention pleasantly from (toil etc.). 3 (usu. foll. by of, out of, or into + verbal noun) delude; cheat (beguiled him into paying). Derivatives: beguilement n. beguiler n. beguiling adj. beguilingly adv. Etymology …   Useful english dictionary

  • beguile — be|guile [ bı gaıl ] verb transitive FORMAL to persuade or trick someone into doing something, especially by saying nice things to them: She was beguiled by his charm …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • beguile — verb 1》 charm or enchant.     ↘trick into doing something. 2》 literary help (time) pass pleasantly. Derivatives beguilement noun beguiler noun beguiling adjective beguilingly adverb Origin ME: from …   English new terms dictionary

  • beguile — verb (T) 1 to persuade or trick someone into doing something, especially by saying nice things to them: Carr beguiled the voters with his good looks and grand talk. 2 literary to do something that makes the time pass, especially in an enjoyable… …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • intrigue — verb (intrigued, intriguing) –verb (t) /ɪnˈtrig / (say in treeg) 1. to excite the curiosity or interest of by puzzling, novel, or otherwise arresting qualities: intrigued by the prospect of danger. 2. to take the fancy of: her hat intrigued me. 3 …   Australian English dictionary

  • trick — /trɪk / (say trik) noun 1. a crafty or fraudulent device, expedient, or proceeding; an artifice, stratagem, ruse, or wile. 2. a deceptive or illusory appearance; mere semblance. 3. a roguish or mischievous performance; prank: to play a trick on… …   Australian English dictionary

  • deceive — I (Roget s IV) v. Syn. mislead, delude, swindle, trick, cheat, outwit, fool, rob, defraud, practice deceit, not play fair, victimize, hoax, betray, beguile, take advantage of, impose upon, entrap, ensnare, hoodwink, play one false, gull, cozen,… …   English dictionary for students


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