barge into

1) быстро вбежать The door burst open and the children barged in (to the room) . ≈ Дверь с грохотом распахнулась и в дети влетели в комнату. The children barged into the room, shouting. ≈ Дети с шумом и гамом влетели в комнату.
2) удариться, врезаться That rude man barged into me in the shop. ≈ Какой-то грубиян чуть не сбил меня с ног в магазине.
3) вторгаться, вмешиваться, встревать в разговор How rude of her to barge into the conversation. ≈ Какая грубость с ее стороны влезть в разговор.
4) неожиданно встретить кого-л. I barged into an old friend in town today. ≈ Сегодня я столкнулся в городе со старым приятелем. Syn : bang into
2) , bump into, knock into
2) , knock up
6) , run into

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  • barge into — barge in / barge into [v] charge break in, burst in, collide, infringe, interrupt, intrude, muscle in, push, shove, stumble; concepts 150,208 Ant. wait …   New thesaurus

  • barge into — (Informal) enter uninvited (e.g., He wasn t invited so he barged into the party ); rudely break into a conversation, interrupt, cut in (e.g., My sister in law always barges into the conversation when I speak with my mother in law ) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • barge — c.1300, small seagoing vessel with sails, from O.Fr. barge, O.Prov. barca, from M.L. barga, perhaps from Celtic, or perhaps from L. *barica, from Gk. baris Egyptian boat, from Coptic bari small boat. Meaning flat bottomed freight boat dates from… …   Etymology dictionary

  • barge in — / barge into [v] charge break in, burst in, collide, infringe, interrupt, intrude, muscle in, push, shove, stumble; concepts 150,208 Ant. wait …   New thesaurus

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  • barge — /bahrj/, n., v., barged, barging. n. 1. a capacious, flat bottomed vessel, usually intended to be pushed or towed, for transporting freight or passengers; lighter. 2. a vessel of state used in pageants: elegantly decorated barges on the Grand… …   Universalium

  • barge — I n. 1) to drive; float; tow a barge 2) to load; unload a barge II v. (d; intr.) to barge into (she barged into the room) * * * [bɑːdʒ] float tow a barge unload a barge to drive to load (d; intr.) to barge into (she barged into the room) …   Combinatory dictionary

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  • barge — n 1. flatboat, lighter, houseboat, transport, raft; canal boat, freighter, tanker, Naut. hoy; statebarge, bucentaur. v 2. barge in intrude, break in, burst in on, enter forcefully, irrupt; interrupt, break in on, Sl. butt in, U.S. Sl. horn in. 3 …   A Note on the Style of the synonym finder

  • barge —  1. v. Behave, usu. move, roughly or clumsily.  2. barge in Interfere, intrude (rudely).  3. barge into Collide (clumsily).  4. barge about Move around roughly …   A concise dictionary of English slang

  • barge — [bärj] n. [ME & OFr < ML barga < LL barca < * barica < Gr baris, Egyptian boat < Coptic barī, small boat] 1. a large boat, usually flat bottomed, for carrying heavy freight on rivers, canals, etc. 2. a large pleasure boat, esp. one …   English World dictionary


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