axiom of measure

мат. аксиома меры

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  • Axiom of choice — This article is about the mathematical concept. For the band named after it, see Axiom of Choice (band). In mathematics, the axiom of choice, or AC, is an axiom of set theory stating that for every family of nonempty sets there exists a family of …   Wikipedia

  • Measure (mathematics) — Informally, a measure has the property of being monotone in the sense that if A is a subset of B, the measure of A is less than or equal to the measure of B. Furthermore, the measure of the empty set is required to be 0. In mathematical analysis …   Wikipedia

  • Axiom — This article is about logical propositions. For other uses, see Axiom (disambiguation). In traditional logic, an axiom or postulate is a proposition that is not proven or demonstrated but considered either to be self evident or to define and… …   Wikipedia

  • Axiom of countability — In mathematics, an axiom of countability is a property of certain mathematical objects (usually in a category) that requires the existence of a countable set with certain properties, while without it such sets might not exist. Important… …   Wikipedia

  • Freiling's axiom of symmetry — ( AX ) is a set theoretic axiom proposed by Chris Freiling. It is based on intuition of Stuart Davidsonbut the mathematics behind it goes back to Wacław Sierpiński. Let A be the set of functions mapping numbers in the unit interval [0,1] to… …   Wikipedia

  • Martin's axiom — In the mathematical field of set theory, Martin s axiom, introduced by Donald A. Martin and Robert M. Solovay (1970), is a statement which is independent of the usual axioms of ZFC set theory. It is implied by the continuum hypothesis, so… …   Wikipedia

  • Lebesgue measure — In mathematics, the Lebesgue measure, named after Henri Lebesgue, is the standard way of assigning a length, area or volume to subsets of Euclidean space. It is used throughout real analysis, in particular to define Lebesgue integration. Sets… …   Wikipedia

  • Martin measure — In descriptive set theory, the Martin measure is a filter on the set of Turing degrees of sets of natural numbers. Under the axiom of determinacy it can be shown to be an ultrafilter. Definition Let D be the set of Turing degrees of sets of… …   Wikipedia

  • Haar measure — In mathematical analysis, the Haar measure is a way to assign an invariant volume to subsets of locally compact topological groups and subsequently define an integral for functions on those groups.This measure was introduced by Alfréd Haar, a… …   Wikipedia

  • Luce's choice axiom — DOI and citation tidying.In probability theory, Luce s choice axiom, formulated by R. Duncan Luce (1959), states that the probability of selecting one item over another from a pool of many items is not affected by the presence or absence of other …   Wikipedia

  • Unit measure — is an axiom of probability theory that states that the probability of the entire sample space is equal to one (unity); that is, P ( S )=1 where S is the sample space. Loosely speaking, it means that S must be chosen so that when the experiment is …   Wikipedia


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