lateral orbital tubercle

латеральный орбитальный бугорок

Англо-русский офтальмологический словарь. 2010.

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  • lateral orbital tubercle — tuberculum orbitale …   Medical dictionary

  • Orbital lamina of ethmoid bone — Ethmoid bone from the right side. (Lamina papyracea visible at center left.) …   Wikipedia

  • Orbital part of frontal bone — Frontal bone. Outer surface. (The Pars orbitalis is the bottom third.) F …   Wikipedia

  • Tubercle — A small tuber, a small lump or bump. * * * 1. A nodule, especially in an anatomic, not pathologic, sense. 2. A circumscribed, rounded, solid elevation on the skin, mucous membrane, or surface of an organ. 3. A slight …   Medical dictionary

  • Mental tubercle — Latin tuberculum mentale mandibulae Gray s subject #44 172 The symphysis menti divides below and encloses a triangular eminence, the mental protuberance, the base of which is depressed in the center but raised on either side to form the mental… …   Wikipedia

  • Lacrimal tubercle — Infobox Anatomy Name = PAGENAME Latin = GraySubject = 38 GrayPage = 161 Caption = Left maxilla. Outer surface. (Lacrimal tubercle labeled at center top.) Caption2 = Precursor = System = Artery = Vein = Nerve = Lymph = MeshName = MeshNumber =… …   Wikipedia

  • tuberculum orbitale — [TA] orbital tubercle: a small eminence on the internal aspect of the orbital surface of the zygomatic bone, inferior to the frontozygomatic suture; it provides attachment for the lateral palpebral ligament, suspensory ligament of the eye, and… …   Medical dictionary

  • Ligament — A ligament is a tough band of connective tissue that connects various structures such as two bones. Ligament is a fitting term; it comes from the Latin ligare meaning to bind or tie. * * * 1. A band or sheet of fibrous tissue connecting two or… …   Medical dictionary

  • tuberculum — SYN: tubercle. [L. dim. of tuber, a knob, swelling, tumor] t. adductorium femoris [TA] SYN: adductor tubercle of femur. t. anterius atlantis [TA] SYN: anterior tubercle of atlas. t. anterius thalami [TA] SYN: anterior thalamic tubercle …   Medical dictionary

  • eminence — A circumscribed area raised above the general level of the surrounding surface, particularly on a bone surface. SYN: eminentia [TA]. [L. eminentia] abducens e. SYN: facial colliculus. arcuate e. [TA] a prominence …   Medical dictionary

  • lacertus musculi recti lateralis bulbi — [TA] check ligament of lateral rectus muscle: an extension from the fascia covering the lateral rectus muscle, attaching to the orbital tubercle of the zygomatic bone and limiting the action of the muscle; called also lateral check ligament …   Medical dictionary

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