basal structure

базальная структура

English-Russian dictionary of geology. 2011.

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  • basal — 1. adjective a) Relating to, or forming, the base, or point of origin. Hittite is a basal Indo European language. b) In a phylogenetic tree, being a group, or member of a group, which diverged earlier. A magnolia is a basal angiosperm. 2 …   Wiktionary

  • Basal metabolic rate — (BMR), and the closely related resting metabolic rate (RMR), is the amount of daily energy expended by humans and animals at rest. Rest is defined as existing in a neutrally temperate environment while in the post absorptive state. In plants,… …   Wikipedia

  • Basal — is a term with several scientific meanings:*A basal clade is one which forms an outgroup to a larger clade. As such the term is relative. *Basal (medicine) refers to a type of insulin dosing. *The basal ganglia are a region of the brain. *The… …   Wikipedia

  • basal body — n a minute distinctively staining cell organelle found at the base of a flagellum or cilium and resembling a centriole in structure called also basal granule, kinetosome * * * one of the cylindrical cytoplasmic bodies structurally resembling the… …   Medical dictionary

  • basal plate — n an underlying structure: as a) the ventral portion of the neural tube b) the part of the decidua of a placental mammal that is intimately fused with the placenta * * * 1. lamina basalis. 2. the fused parachordal cartilages, precursors of the… …   Medical dictionary

  • basal body — Structure found at the base of eukaryotic cilia and flagella consisting of a continuation of the nine outer sets of axonemal microtubules but with the addition of a C tubule to form a triplet (like the centriole). May be self replicating and… …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • Basal lamina — The basal lamina is a layer of extracellular matrix on which epithelium sits and which is secreted by the epithelial cells. It is often confused with the basement membrane, and sometimes used inconsistently in the literature, see below.It is… …   Wikipedia

  • Basal forebrain — Infobox Brain Name = PAGENAME Latin = GraySubject = GrayPage = Caption = The Basal Forebrain Width = 200 IsPartOf = Components = Artery = Vein = MeshNumber = The basal forebrain is a collection of structures located ventrally to the striatum. It… …   Wikipedia

  • Basal body — A basal body (sometimes basal granule or kinetosome) is an organelle formed from a centriole, a short cylindrical array of microtubules. It is found at the base of a eukaryotic undulipodium (cilium or flagellum) and serves as a nucleation site… …   Wikipedia

  • basal body — noun Date: 1902 a minute distinctively staining cell organelle found at the base of a flagellum or cilium and identical to a centriole in structure called also basal granule, kinetosome …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • basal plates — 1. (ECHINODERMATA: Crinoidea) A cycle of 5 aboral calyx plates in primitive stalked crinoids; see radial plates. 2. (NEMATA) The circular base of the cephalic framework, composed of an annular structure with posteriorly directed rim, the …   Dictionary of invertebrate zoology


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