1) стоимость, цена; себестоимость
2) расход; счёт
3) ком. оценивать

cost and maintenance (C&M) — содержание и обслуживание (обозначение статуса здания или оборудования, которое показывает, что в настоящее время в силу определённых причин объект не используется, но сохраняется в хорошем состоянии и может быть быстро введён в эксплуатацию)

at cost — по себестоимости

to refund the cost — возвращать стоимость

to pay the cost — оплачивать стоимость

to decrease the cost — снижать стоимость

to indicate the cost — указывать стоимость

- cost of certification - cost of civil engineering works - cost of delivery - cost of designing - cost of erection works - cost of loading - cost of maintenance - cost of materials - cost of operation - cost of price - cost of service - cost of starting-up and adjustment works - cost of survey and research works - cost of transportation - cost of upkeep - above cost - actual cost of construction - added value cost - agreed cost - assembly cost - calculation of cost - capitalized cost - capitalized total cost - construction cost - current cost - direct labour cost - erection cost - estimated cost - extra cost - fabricating cost - final cost - flat cost - initial cost - inspection cost - installation cost - insurance cost - labour costs - low cost construction - maintenance costs - mounting cost - operating costs - original cost - overhaul cost - overhead costs - prime cost - purification costs - repair cost - running cost - standard cost - testing cost - training cost - unit cost - water cost - working costs
* * *
стоимость; pl расходы, затраты, издержки

at cost — по себестоимости

- cost of accident
- actual project cost
- adjusted base cost
- amortization costs
- average cost per man-hour
- basic cost
- capital cost
- carrying costs
- construction cost
- current costs
- daily operating costs
- delivery cost
- design costs
- design construction cost
- direct costs
- direct operating costs
- estimated cost
- estimated project costs
- fabrication cost
- first costs
- forecasting cost
- indirect costs
- labor costs
- labor costs for individual work items
- labor cost per hour
- life-cycle costs
- maintenance costs
- marketing costs
- material costs
- operating costs
- overhead costs
- penalty cost
- planning costs
- prime cost
- project cost
- prorated costs
- restoration costs
- road operation cost
- running cost
- site cost
- storage costs
- structural costs
- target cost
- traffic operation cost
- unit cost
- utility costs
- wage costs
- working costs

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