1) покрытие; облицовка; плакировка; грунт
2) намёт (штукатурки)
3) облицовывать
4) покрывать; грунтовать

to coat with — покрывать (напр. краской)

- coat of colour - coat of paint - aluminium coat - anticorrosive coat - antirust coat - asphalt coat - back coat - bituminous coat - blotter coat - body coat - brown coat - brush-applied coat - carpet coat - concrete blinding coat - cushion coat - dash coat - finish coat - finishing coat - first coat - floated coat - floating coat - friable coat - ground coat - heavy coat - mat coat - metal coat - nickel coat - outer coat - oxide coat - painted coat - picking-up coat - porous coat - prime coat - priming coat - protective coat - rendering coat - roof coat - sandwich coat - seal coat - secondary coat - setting coat - sheet-backing coat - slime coat - steel coat - stripped coat - tack coat - thin coat - tight coat - two-pack protective coat - uneven coat - wash coat - waterproofer coat - white coat - white-finish coat - zinc coat
* * *
1.   слой, покров; штукатурный намёт
2.   обшивка, облицовка; плакировка || покрывать; облицовывать
3.   грунт || грунтовать
- anticorrosive coat
- asphalt coat
- backing coat
- back coat
- base coat
- beam sheet coat
- body coat
- brown coat
- concrete blinding coat
- dash-bond coat
- fining coat
- first coat
- float coat
- floated coat
- ground coat
- leveling coat
- pricking-up coat
- prime coat
- protective coat
- rendering coat
- scratch coat
- sealing coat
- second coat
- setting coat
- sharp coat
- sheet backing coat
- skimming coat
- skim coat
- sound-deadening coat
- tack coat
- topping coat
- top coat
- waterproofer coat
- wearing coat
- white coat
- zinc coat

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