adjacent room

adjacent room
adjacent [adjoining] room
смежная комната

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  • adjacent — adjacent, adjoining An adjacent property is normally one that is nearby without necessarily touching the one being considered in relation to it. Similarly, adjacent angles in a triangle are separated by the length of one side of the triangle, an… …   Modern English usage

  • adjacent — 01. There is a beautiful little park [adjacent] to the house we re going to buy. 02. He couldn t sleep because of the noise coming from the [adjacent] apartment. 03. You can wait in the [adjacent] room. 04. The yard [adjacent] to ours has a lot… …   Grammatical examples in English

  • adjacent — adjective /əˈdʒeɪ.sənt/ a) Lying next to, close, or contiguous; neighboring; bordering on. Because the conference room is filled, we will have our meeting in the adjacent room. b) Just before …   Wiktionary

  • adjacent — [[t]əʤe͟ɪs(ə)nt[/t]] ADJ: oft ADJ to n If one thing is adjacent to another, the two things are next to each other. He sat in an adjacent room and waited... The schools were adjacent but there were separate doors. ...offices adjacent to the museum …   English dictionary

  • Room and pillar — (also called bord and pillar) is a mining system in which the mined material is extracted across a horizontal plane while leaving pillars of untouched material to support the roof overburden leaving open areas or rooms underground. It is usually… …   Wikipedia

  • Room number — A room number is a number assigned to a room within a building. Its purpose is to identify a particular room, and help visitors locate that room. Room numbers may consist of three digits, but can be any number of digits. The room number is… …   Wikipedia

  • Room 40 — Admiralty Ripley building In Whitehall, built in 1726 and still used for naval board meetings. Room 40 was in the northern section of the first floor, on the same corridor as the boardroom and First Sea Lord s office. In the history of… …   Wikipedia

  • room — noun 1 in a house/building ADJECTIVE ▪ big, cavernous, enormous, high, high ceilinged, huge, large, spacious, vast ▪ …   Collocations dictionary

  • adjacent — adj. VERBS ▪ be, be situated, lie, stand ▪ The vineyards of Verzy lie adjacent to those of Verzenay. ADVERB ▪ directly, immediately …   Collocations dictionary

  • adjacent — ad|ja|cent [əˈdʒeısənt] adj [Date: 1400 1500; : Latin; Origin: , present participle of adjacere to lie near , from ad to + jacere to lie ] a room, building, piece of land etc that is adjacent to something is next to it ▪ We stayed in adjacent… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • adjacent — ad|ja|cent [ ə dʒeısnt ] adjective * next to or near something else: an adjacent area/room/building adjacent to: The site of the new building is adjacent to the park …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English


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