1) угол; угольник
2) уголковый профиль; уголок
3) угловой

to bisect an angle — делить угол пополам

to draw an angle with a protractor — строить угол по транспортиру

to inscribe an angle — вписывать угол

to lay off an angle — откладывать угол

- angle of bedding - angle of bend - angle of bending - angle of bevel - angle of contact - angle of countersink - angle of departure - angle of depression - angle of deviation - angle of dip - angle of dispersion - angle of flexure - angle of friction - angle of immersion - angle of inclination - angle of internal friction - angle of natural slope - angle of pressure - angle of radiation - angle of reflection - angle of refraction - angle of release - angle of repose - angle of rest - angle of rotation - angle of shear - angle of shearing resistance - angle of shock - angle of slide - angle of slope - angle of torsion - angle of twist - angle of valence - acute angle - advance angle - apex angle - axial angle - bank angle - bearing angle - bending angle - bias angle - blind angle - directional angle - groove angle - solid angle - torsion angle - turning angle - wetting angle
* * *
1.   угол
2.   уголок, уголковый профиль

angle by repetition — угол, определённый способом повторных измерений

angle to the left — круг лево

angle to the right — круг право

- angle of boom swing
- angle of chamfer
- angle of convergence
- angle of crossing
- angle of curvature
- angle of cutting
- angle of deflection
- angle of deviation
- angle of deviation from the vertical
- angle of dip
- angle of entry
- angle of external friction
- angle of fall
- angle of friction
- angle of inclination of the crane jib
- angle of internal friction
- angle of loading
- angle of natural slope
- angle of obliquity
- angle of parking
- angle of point
- angle of reflection
- angle of repose
- angle of rotation
- angle of shear
- angle of shearing resistance
- angle of slide
- angle of sling
- angle of slope
- angle of true internal friction
- angle of twist
- angle of view
- angle of wall friction
- acute angle
- apex angle
- apparent angle of internal friction
- arris cover angle
- ascending vertical angle
- base angle
- bearing angle
- bending angle
- blade angle
- blunt angle
- boom angle
- bulb angle
- clockwise angle
- cold-formed angle
- concluded angle
- connecting angle
- contact angle
- counterclockwise angle
- crooked angle
- deflection angle
- depression angle
- deviation angle
- dip angle
- distance angle
- double angle
- drained angle of internal friction
- effective angle of internal friction
- elevation angle
- equal angle
- Fellonius angles
- flange angle
- glide path angle
- horizontal angle
- hour angle
- impact angle
- incidence angle
- intersection angle
- jet expansion angle
- jet angle
- maximum permitted angle of inclination
- minus angle
- negative vertical angle
- plus angle
- polar angle
- positive vertical angle
- roll-formed angle
- seat angle
- shear angle
- shearing deformation angle
- shear deformation angle
- shelf angle
- solid angle
- stiffened angle
- stiffener angle
- swing angle
- switch angle
- toe-in angle
- torsional angle
- torsion angle
- true angle of internal friction
- turning angle
- unequal angle
- vertical angle
- wetting angle
- zenith angle

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