анализ, исследование

analysis by measure — количественный анализ

analysis by successive approximation — расчёт методом последовательных приближений

- analysis of failure - analysis of operating costs - analysis of sections - analysis of structure - analysis of the truss joints - analysis of the working environment - analysis of water content - absorption analysis - approximate analysis - architectural analysis - bacteriological analysis - check analysis - chemical analysis - chromatographic analysis - compositional analysis - comprehensive analysis - computer analysis - correlation analysis - cost-benefit analysis - cross-correlation analysis - dynamic analysis - element analysis - end-point analysis - engineering analysis - environmental impact analysis - express analysis - fail-safe analysis - fault analysis - feasibility analysis - feasibility study and analysis - finit element analysis - frequency analysis - grain-size analysis - gravimetric analysis - laboratory analysis - large deflection analysis - long-term economic analysis - microbial analysis - model analysis of structures - nonlinear analysis - qualitative analysis - raw water design analysis - reliability analysis - runoff analysis - seismic analysis - size analysis - stress analysis - structural analysis - surrogate analysis - risk analysis - thermal-stress analysis - time-history analysis - titrometric analysis - total analysis - waste water analysis - water analysis - water budget analysis - X-ray analysis
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1.   анализ, исследование, изучение
2.   расчёт, исчисление, вычисление

analysis by finite differences — расчёт методом конечных разностей

analysis by finite elements — расчёт методом конечных элементов

analysis by successive approximations — расчёт методом последовательных приближений

- analysis of sections
- analysis of shells
- analysis of structures
- analysis of trusses
- activity analysis
- approximate analysis
- arch analysis
- bending analysis
- benefit cost analysis
- break-even analysis
- buckling analysis
- cement content analysis
- coarse analysis
- core analysis
- correlation analysis
- critical path analysis
- differential thermal analysis
- Dunagan analysis
- dynamic analysis
- elastoplastic analysis
- experimental analysis
- failure analysis
- feasibility analysis
- fine analysis
- finite element analysis
- flood-frequency analysis
- folded plate analysis
- free-vibration analysis
- graphical analysis
- graphical analysis of trusses
- graphical structural analysis
- hydrograph analysis
- hypsometric analysis
- influence line analysis
- innovative analysis
- linear elastic analysis
- linearized analysis
- matrix analysis
- mechanical analysis
- model analysis
- model analysis of structures
- network analysis
- nondestructive test analysis
- numerical analysis
- overhead analysis
- particle-size analysis
- performance analysis
- pipette analysis
- plane stress analysis
- precise analysis
- qualitative analysis
- quantitative analysis
- river-basin analysis
- screen analysis
- sedimentation analysis
- sieve analysis
- soil analysis
- static analysis
- stress analysis
- stress analysis beyond the elastic limit
- stress-path settlement analysis
- structural analysis
- systems analysis
- terrain analysis
- theoretical analysis of stress
- thermographical analysis
- three-dimensional analysis
- time-dependent analysis
- ultimate load analysis
- wet analysis
- wet mechanical analysis
- X-ray diffraction analysis

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